During the 2018/2019 season we are pleased to be working along side some great companies providing services to you the competitor….

*If you are interested in becoming a partner with us please contact us [email protected]


“Alphawoolf is a fresh brand of technical shoes created in Germany for triathlon and road running at competitive prices.
The history of Alphawoolf is closely linked to Ironman Germany in Frankfurt when back in 2012 thirteen time Ironman Champion
Marino Vanhoenacker won his first race on German soil and kissed his signature shoe at the finish line.
Alphawoolf was born, and a whole range is now available in the UK via www.alphawoolf.co.uk
managed by running shoe expert John Ovenden and his experienced team at Competitive Edge based in Peterborough”

“Sundried is a premium active wear brand designed to deliver function and style with an ethical ethos, inspired by the challenge of triathlon and being more active.

Stylish designs with technically advanced fabrics and functional features support your sport.

Sundried produce their clothing responsibly in partnership with The Low Carbon Innovation fund with transparent production, minimising the carbon footprint throughout the full lifecycle of their clothing through its design manufacture, distribution, use and disposal.

To share their success, every item of Sundried apparel features a pledge to charity Water for Kids.

Sundried’s ambassador programme supports triathletes and personal trainers who share our ethos, priming them for success”

For 2017 Sundried will release their new triathlon and functional fitness collections.

Visit: https://www.sundried.com/ | https://www.facebook.com/sundried | https://twitter.com/sundried |https://www.instagram.com/sundried/

Athlete In Mind has been created by Andrew Cohen-Wray, to help people of any sporting ability, achieve the same mindset used by Olympic athletes, regardless of their individual sport and goals.

I have trained and competed as an athlete for 25 years, having won numerous county and regional medals from 110m hurdles, 800m and cross country. In 2014 I won a National Bronze medal at the British Master Championship over 3000m Steeplechase. I have also run 8 marathons, including London marathons in 2009 and 2014.

In August 2015 I went to Lyon, France to represent Great Britain at the World Masters Championship over 110m hurdles and 400m hurdles. I finished 14th in the 110m Hurdles and 21st in the 400m hurdles.

I’ve taken my training as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming , together with 25 years competing, and learning from Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth Champions over 110m hurdles and 400m hurdles to confidently change disciplines.”


Europe’s leading triathlon brand, Zone3 has built its reputation on a deep-rooted passion for endurance sports and ensuring that every product offers market leading performance, innovation and functionality.

Zone3 has won more industry design awards than any other brand, including the first ever and only 10/10 review from 220 Triathlon Magazine and many others including Best in Class, Top Value and Game Changer of the year.

Their product-first philosophy and commitment to excellence ensures a range suitable for athletes of all levels, helping maximise performance and enjoyment within the sport.

Direct URL – https://zone3.com/


ERDINGER Alkoholfrei – The Refreshing Isotonic Recovery Drink. ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is a refreshing isotonic recovery drink. It provides the body with essential vitamins such as folic acid and vitamin B12 which help reduce fatigue, promote energy-yielding metabolism and support the immune system. Just one bottle (0.5l) of ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is a daily contribution to a healthy nutrition. ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is brewed under the strict Bavarian Purity Law, which means it is made from only highest quality, natural ingredients. Not alcohol free for the purpose of UK Food Law.ERDINGER Alkoholfrei contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume.http://www.erdinger-alkoholfrei.co.uk/en/alkoholfrei-uk-highlights.html

High5 is a UK company run by athletes. Combining our practical no-nonsense approach with the latest developments in sports science, means that High5 products are always leading edge and 100% fit for purpose.We continually test our products and get athlete feedback. High5 is the on-course nutrition at more than 300 races and events in the UK. We take great pride that for over 20 years we have produced some of the very best sports nutrition products available and helped athletes (including ourselves) reach their sporting objectives.http://highfive.co.uk/

So you are the backbone of our sport and want some kit printed? and why not !I print for everybody :)Shout out and be proud of what you are doing, be it a 5k run to an Ultra (no offence to anyone – everyone is achieving here) Club kit that needs that little extra? Ironman? Individuals or teams that need a great service? You get the same service from iPrintStuff as the GB age groupers get, actually you don’t…    you get more because your not restricted by rules! You can print what you want where you want and we can help with design.http://www.iprintstuff.co.uk/

Established as one of the UK’s leading sportswear and sports product suppliers, Sports Creative Limited designs, develops, manufactures and delivers to your specifications. We are proud to have produced a wide range of goods for a number of charities, organisations, event companies, retail brands and sports shops. Sports Creative Limited produces superior sportswear and products designed to exact specifications at competitive prices. We are not an ‘off the peg’ type of company – all items are bespoke and made from raw materials or recycled fabrics so there are no limits to your designs. If you need it, we can make it.http://www.sports-creative.co.uk/


For just £40 each FitTest session will include a comprehensive body composition assessment + 5 specifc fitness tests choosen from our wide range of options. All your results will be recorded and ready to view and you will be provided with a consolidated results package. You can then use your results as your motivation to improve! Work hard and rebook to see if you can improve your scores.

Challenge yourself, your friends and colleagues or your team mates.

 With FitTest you now have the ability to see how fit you really are!