Bedford Autodrome Sprint & Standard Duathlons (Inc 2020 ETU European Qualifiers)

10/03/2019 - All Day
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Bedford Autodrome Duathlon 2019
2020 ETU Sprint & Standard Qualifiers

Dear Competitor,

Welcome to Bedford Autodrome Race Brief. Please take the time to read and understand the following Pre race Brief. I know you have probably read hundreds of these, but it is important that you understand our requirements and that which are required by our governing bodies.


Bedford Autodrome Sprint & Standard Duathlons
Date: 10th March 2019
Distances: Sprint Distance | Standard Distance
Thurleigh Airfield Business Park, Thurleigh, Bedford MK44 2YP DIRECTIONS


*Mass Start at 09:00 – Sprint & Standard*

*Transition opens @ 07:00*

*Transition closes @ 08:45 for 08:50 race brief at the startline*

The weather seems as though it could be wet and a tad chilly but as with all British weather this is subject to change. Please dress according to the conditions.
See the predicted forecast HERE

Online entries and race transfers are closed. 

Age: Minimum age of competitors for the sprint distance is 15 years old as of 31st December 2019.

Minimum age of competitors for the standard distance is 17 years old as of 31st December 2019.


Parking is onsite and open from 06.45 on race day only. Please follow all signage to race car parks.

(Please be nice to our parking attendants they are volunteers. Anyone found being abusive to these guy’s will not be allowed to compete)


Race Day registration is open from 07:00am in the pit lane garages, follow the signs from the car park.

Please note: NOTHING WILL BE POSTED TO YOU;  Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to register and prepare yourselves (the race will start at 09:00 with or without you).

At registration you will receive a race pack, which should contain the following items:

  • 2 x stickers: one to be attached to your helmet, other to you bike handle bars or seat post, NO stickers attached means you will NOT be allowed in to transition.
  • 1 x race number: to be attached to your back when biking and to be attached to your front when running- race belts are advisable. If you are not displaying a number you will not be allowed to continue from transition.
  • 1 x timing chip and strap: This must be attached to your LEFT ankle, No chip, no time. If you are unsure of how to attach the chip please refer to the instructions at registration.(Please do not lose your chip it will cost you £10 for a replacement)
  • Important: BTF Day race licences will need to be purchased at £5 on the day for those who are not members of the BTF.  Remember, no licence, no race (this is your insurance).


Sprint Distance Run 1 | 2 x Laps of 2.5km

Sprint Distance Bike | 4 x Laps (use elastic bands to count)

Sprint Distance Run 2  | 1 x Laps of 2.5km

Standard Distance Run 1  | 4 x Laps of 2.5km

Standard Distance Bike  | 8 x Laps (use elastic bands to count)

Standard Distance Run 2  | 2 x Laps of 2.5km


You will only be allowed into transition if you are wearing your race number as well as your bike and helmet having a corresponding number (all found in your registration pack). Your helmet must be on your head and fastened at the entrance to transition. Officials WILL BE checking that your helmet is correctly fitted, i.e. when fastened you should only be able to get two fingers under the strap. Please ensure it is adjusted correctly before trying to get in, you will be turned away if it’s not correct. Draft legal bike requirements / checks will be carried out. CHECK RULE BOOK 

TRANSITION AND MOUNT (Racks will be numbered)

Bring only essential equipment into transition, bags will not be allowed next to your bikes and will be removed to the edge of transition. Bright coloured towels, talc, or any other forms of obvious position marking will be dealt with by the “Transition Official” resulting in time penalties. You have been warned ! Run into transition, find your bike, do not touch your bike until you have put you cycle helmet on and fastened it. Run with your bike out of transition via the exit marked with “bike out” signs. Do not get on your bike until you reach the marked mount line. Remember at this point your race number should be displayed on your back.


Once you have mounted your bike, you follow all signage and marshals. You will be required to complete the correct amount of laps of the course before entering back into transition.



Please make sure you undestand the requirements / format of Age Group NON draft legal racing CLICK HERE FOR RULES.

“I did not know” is not an acceptable excuse


Once back into the pit lane you will dismount your bike before the marked dismount line and run with your bike to the entrance marked bike in, rack it the same place you removed it from, you may then remove you helmet. Then run out will be at the opposite end of transition marked with “RUN OUT” signs. Ensure your race number is now facing forwards.


Your race number should be displayed on your front at all times while running, exit the transition and turn immediately right and follow the marked course (flags/ arrows/ and tapes) . Marshals will be on all major turns. There will be a water station as you exit transition and again as you  finish.


  • Medal to all Finishers.

Awards to:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Male/Female Finisher
  • First Male Vet 40,50,60,70+
  • First Female Vet 40,50,60,70+
  • One prize only per person 


There will be no formal prize giving, as we appreciete many of you will have a long way to travel home. If you belive you have won a prize, someone will be present with the results at the presentation table to allow for early collection.

(Any unclaimed prizes will not be posted, so if you think you are eligible for a prize you had best stay). 


At the finish you will find refreshments and a results tent for you instant print outs.

Finish Photos will be available for free to download from our facebook page, Click HERE. All we ask is that you like our page and share as much as you like. please leave us reviews as it helps us improve the events we bring to you.

All race results will be live to the internet as you cross the finish line so spectators/family can see your results instantly on their mobile devices. They can be found HERE


Nicetri & Water & safety Medical will be providing first aid cover for the event. If you are injured or witness a fellow competitor getting injured please alert your nearest marshal, who will call for assistance, there are also marshals out on the course that are first aid trained..



Available at registration and after the race.

The race referee’s/directors decision is final. Please refresh yourself with our T&C’s before racing Click HERE


Given the time of year and the unpredictable weather please ensure you check our web site and your emails prior to the race, We hope nothing changes but we reserve the right to delay, change or even cancel the event at short notice if safety deems it nessasary.

We at Nicetri Events hope you all have a great day and achieve your goals


Company Number:08584032
VAT ID: 199240575
Director: Keith RitchieNicetri Events Ltd
1 Enterprise Court Ambuscade Road
Colmworth Business Park;
Eaton Socon;
PE19 8YU


We “Nicetri Events “accept no responsibility for any loss or injury however so caused by entering this race, as agreed in your T&C’s you race knowing of the dangers and except full responsibility for your action/s / yourself and that of those around you. You standing on the start line means you have read and understood / accepted the risks as your own and that no liability will be placed on Nicetri Events Ltd.

This duathlon includes the excitement of a mass start, and the thrill of racing around the smooth, fast tarmac of Bedford Autodrome motor racing track, with plenty of vantage points where friends and family can view your performance and cheer you on! Designed from scratch by former F1 driver Jonathan Palmer, there is nowhere else in the world like Bedford Autodrome. You will Love it, the venue has been purpose built for speed and space, its truly fantastic and totally traffic free!  Follow link for Information on the Autodrome  


  • Sprint Distance:  5km / 20km bike / 2.5km run
  • Standard Distance: 10km / 39km bike / 5km run
  • Minimum age of competitors: Sprint – 15 as of 31st December 2019 /  Standard – 17 as of 31st December 2019
  • Race fees – 
    • Sprint: £40 + booking fee
    • Standard: £40 + booking fee
  • The race will start from 9:00 am confirmation of start times TBC.
  • Arrival and Registration: Parking will be at the Venue follow signs and marshals . PLEASE NOTE you will collect your race pack at registration on the day of the event. Nothing will be posted prior to the event. If for any reason you don’t receive this email, full race information will be available at least two days prior to the event, HERE. Registration will be on the day only from 07.00 – 08.45 am on race day. Please ensure you arrive early to avoid the last minute rush.



Sprint Distance Run 1 (2 x Laps)
Sprint Distance Bike (4 x Laps)
Sprint Distance Run 2 (1 x Lap)
Standard Distance Run 1 (4 x Laps)
Standard Distance Bike (8 x Laps)
Standard Distance Run 2 (2 x Laps)


You will be issued with a race number which must be clearly visible on your front or back at all times. You will also be number marked on your hand with a pen. Number belts are allowed, all we ask it that we can see your number at the timing points as a backup to the electronic system.


BTF rules All competitors must comply with BTF rules (it is recommended that you read the BTF rules and regulations which will be applied to all races) All competitors must be licensed to race, those non BTF members will be required to pay a £5 levy for a day licence, this is payable on the day at registration. (This is not included in your entry fee) BTF members must produce their licence at registration or a £5 levy will be charged prior to racing.


If circumstances deem the course or travel conditions to be unsafe or it falls outside of the BTF guidelines, Nicetri have the right to change/move, or cancel the event at short notice.


If you intend on using race nutrition please keep hold of the empty wrappers untill you reach a suitable place to discard it. We would apprieciate if you could either wait until you reach designated water stations or alternately please drop them by race signage or a marshal point so they can be collected during the race clean up. 


Chip Timing Solutions will provide computerised chip timing via a an electronic chip system that you attach to your ankle. Please attach the chip to your ankle and make sure your run over the mats at the various timing points. Your finish time and splits will be available live during the event at

Transition Rules

Security will always be present in the transition area. Only competitors wearing their I.D. will be allowed in or out of this area. Your race pack will include a race number and 2 smaller labels which are to be attached to your bike and helmet, this must be done prior to entering transition. You must rack your bike in the numbered position. No riding is allowed in the transition area. Your helmet must be fastened on your head at all times whilst you are on your bike or running with your bike through transition.


Prizes are for both for men and women. One prize per competitor. A full breakdown of prizes and trophies will be given before the event in the race brief.


The history of Thurleigh Airfield can be traced back to the Autumn of 1940. World War II was entering its second year, the battle of Britain had been won, the threat of invasion by Germany had receded, and thoughts were turning to the offensive. The bomber was seen as the strongest offensive weapon and four-engined heavies were in production both in the UK and the USA. To operate these aircraft airfields would be needed and land-acquisition and subsequent construction wasbegun. Built on a plateau-site to the west of the village from which it took its name, Thurleigh was one such airfield. The first RAF elements moved in during the Summer of 1941 and in October the first aircraft, a Wellington bomber [R1234], flew into the partially completed field. Number 18 Operational Training Unit took up residence, training both RAF and Polish personnel.


Designed from scratch by former F1 driver Jonathan Palmer, there is nowhere else in the world like Bedford Autodrome. The venue has been purpose built for speed and space, containing four entirely distinct circuits and over 5 miles of track laid out across a 384 acre site, with vast run-off areas that provide optimum safety.Whilst there are several track configurations, with every kind or corner, there’s no motor racing at the Autodrome, so there’s no crowd-protecting safety barriers or concrete walls. Guests can drive to the limits safe in the knowledge that pushing too hard will result in a harmless spin across endless flat grass.