2016 British Age Group Middle Distance Championships
22/05/2016 - All Day
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Welcome to Nicetri Events

Grafman Middle Distance Triathlon 2016

2016 British Middle Distance triathlon Championships

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Rolling Swim Start

We are always finding ways to improve our the athletes experience & saftey at our events, therefore Grafman 2016 will be using a Rolling Swim Start  (Many of you may have used this system at Ironman events within the last year.)

What is a rolling start?

Athletes are set off in one continuous line for the swim start. It will take approximately 2 – 5 minutes to get the entire field across the swim start line.
In effect, this will create a “time trial” dynamic for the race. This is no different to having wave starts, its just conducted in a  safer, more controlled manor
Each athlete individual race time will start when they cross the swim start timing mat, under the swim start arch.

How does this work?

The starting pens will be divided into starting zones based on an athletes predicted swim time for the 1.9km course. There are 6 swim zones):

  • Under 30 minutesZone3 Circle Logo - Black-01
  • 30 – 34 minutes
  • 35 – 39 minutes
  • 40 – 44 minutes
  • 45 – 50 minutes
  • 51 minutes – 1h10mins (cut off)

The swim cut off time of 1h10m starts when the last person enters the water

Groups will commence a rolling start based on these groups with fastest athletes on course first eg. in the under 30 minute zone
Athletes timing chips will activate once they cross designated swim start timing mat, at the entry to the swim course. (please be realistic and remember your chip timing will only activate once you cross the swim start line, dont place your self in a swim pen that is above your ability)

Why change to a rolling start?

Part of Nicetri Events mission is to give the athletes the safest and best race experience possible. We believe this will add increased safety and reducing anxiety in the swim, making for some serious racing amongst athletes of the same ability whether male or female.

It allows competitors to start with equal ability athletes, reduces start  line overcrowding and the chance of injury. This allows the safety crews more time to concentrate / watch at the start.

This new approach will reduce congestion and  allows athletes to swim at their own ability with like minded athletes improving the overall swim and race experience.

See the layout below:

rolling swim start grafman

Updated Bike Course

Due to the extended success of the Grafman, and the increase in competitor numbers, it has become necessary to adapt the current bike course to become a one lap course, this will improve rider safety and help the events sustainably with the local communities that support our races.

The new adapted course still utilises the original course with an extra loop added in at Kimbolton along the B660. This route is still as fast and if not better than the old one and is in great condition.

The course is still within the limits (56.7 miles) set for qualifying for the GB Age Group team for Middle Distance Tnathlon

Check it out: http://www.mapometer.com/cycling/route_3700763.html
(To download the GPX please click export once you have opened the route)

Race photos will be available and free to download from:

All of these will be available to view shortly after the race

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“Simply stunning” were the words used to describe the venue at which the Grafman Triathlon is hosted. Located in the heart of Cambridgeshire, near the ancient Village of Buckden & St.Neots

The Grafman is well established within the triathlon community. This Event continues to grow, recently being voted National Event of The year 2014 and being selected for the Triathlon England Middle Distance Championships 2015.  Have you got what it takes to complete a 1.2 mile swim, 55 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run in less than eight and a half hours in 2016?

The start, the swim, much of the run and the finish are all conveniently located together, making excellent spectator viewing at Grafham Water Reservoir.  The swim takes place in the lake consisting of a two lap course that is easy to navigate; a quick Australian style exit on each lap makes a great spectacle for your family/friends to support you from. Once you are out the water your straight out on your bike. The roads around the villages offer great surfaces for fast riding and only the odd short climb to challenge you. The bike course will be fast, but don’t underestimate it – especially if it’s a windy day!

On returning to Grafham Water, you will conquer the multi-lap course around the edge of the lake comprising of both tarmac and hard compound tracks that offers a feed station every two miles or so and is lined with supporters willing you all the way to the finish line.

There is plenty of on-site camping as well as excellent local hotels and B&Bs just two to three miles down the road. There are thousands of car parking spaces available; making this is the perfect athlete and spectator experience.

Join our Facebook page and share your experiences with us and others that have conquered the Grafman Middle Distance triathlon.

Race for Charity

Sue ryder

Would you like to race for charity in 2016? Please contact [email protected]


For more photos click HERE


1.2mile swim / 54.9 mile bike / 13.1 mile run

Races will start from 8:00 am

Find us

Grafham Water Visitor Centre
Marlow Car Park
Grafham Water
PE28 0Bh

Still not sure, go to our locations page to find more information or follow this link

Event cut off times

Below are the maximum times for each discipline if you have not finished each of the disciplines within these stated times you will be asked to stop and not to continue with the race.

(NOTE: Cut off time apply to your wave start times)

Swim:   1 hr 10 mins

Bike:     5 hrs 30 mins (Max 4hrs 20 mins cycle time)

Run:     8 hrs 30 mins (Max 3hrs running time)

Route Maps

To download a GPX please click export once you have viewed the route
2 x Laps

Feed Stations

Bike feed Stations

Name Area Approx Distance Distance from Previous Station
FEED1 B660 (Out) 35 km 35 km
FEED2 B660 (Back) 68km 23 km

Each Bike feed station positioned along the route, will contain the following items:high5

  • Drinks bottles water – 500ml
  • Drinks bottles high 5 – 500ml
  • High 5 Energy Gels: Citrus Flavour

Please ensure you place unwanted water bottles or gels in the allocated drop zones, anyone seen dropping outside of these areas may be given penalties.

Run Feed Stations

Name Area Approx Distance Distance from Previous Station
FEED1 Transition 0 miles 0 miles
FEED2 Turn Around Dam Wall 1.08 miles 1.08 miles
FEED3 Transition 2.15 miles 1.07 miles
FEED4 Turn Around 4.12 miles 1.97 miles
FEED5 Transition 6.35 miles 2.23 miles
FEED6 Turn Around Dam Wall 7.57 miles 1.07 miles
FEED7 Transition 8.64 miles 1.07 miles
FEED8 Turn Around 10.47 miles 1.83 miles
FEED9 Finish 13.1 miles 2.63 miles

Each Run feed station positioned along the route, will contain the following items:

  • Cups of Water – White
  • erdingerCups of High 5 – High 5 branded
  • High 5 Energy Gels: Citrus Flavour (Dam wall turn only)
  • Wine Gums

Finish Area:

  • Cups of High5
  • Coke
  • Sweets
  • Bananas
  • Pint of Erdinger

Please ensure you place unwanted water bottles or gels in the allocated drop zones, anyone seen dropping outside of these areas may be given penalties.

Race Briefings

Race Briefing will take place five minutes before the start of each wave at the swim start area.

Arrival and Registration

Parking will be at the venue “Mander car park” (weather permitting, if wet follow marshals and signs to local car parks)

PLEASE NOTE you will collect your race pack at registration on the day of the event. Nothing will be posted prior to the event.

If for any reason you don’t receive this email, full race information will be available at least two days prior to the event, HERE

Registration will be open from 16.00 – 18.00 on Saturday evening prior to the event and from 06.30 – 07.45 am on race day. Please ensure you arrive early to avoid that last minute rush.

Minimum Age of Competitors

The minimum age to take part in this event is 19 years old as of 31/12/2016.


Parking will be at the Marlow Car Park.


You will be issued with a race number which must be clearly visible either on your front or back at all times. You will also be number marked on your hand with a pen. Number belts are allowed, all we ask it that we can see your number at the timing points as a backup to the electronic system.


Spectators – Where to go and watch
Grafham Water offers a lot for the children and family to do, while fellow family/friends are competing – there is an onsite cafe open all day that has food/drinks and those all important ice creams for the kids. Grafham cycles has an onsite shop and have hire bikes so you can cycle round the venue. For more information on things to do click HERE
The venue  offers fantastic viewing of the Swim & Run route – you can view the swim as they navigate their way around the austrailian exit and into transition. Once they have come off the bike and started the run section you will see them pass through the venue 4 times before they cross the finish line, where you will be watching and cheering them on (a great competitor/spectator feeling).

British Triathlon Federation Rules

BTF rules All competitors must comply with BTF rules (it is recommended that you read the BTF rules and regulations which will be applied to all races) All competitors must be licensed to race, those non BTF members will be required to pay a £5 levy for a day licence, this is payable on the day at registration. (This is not included in your entry fee) BTF members must produce their licence at registration or a £5 levy will be charged prior to racing.

2016 British Triathlon Rule Book 2016 British Triathlon Rule Book

Safety & Enviroment

If circumstances deem the course or travel conditions to be unsafe or it falls outside of the BTF guidelines, Nicetri have the right to change/move, or cancel the event at short notice.

Compulsory Post Race Suit Wash Procedure:

Keep Racing Tidy

If you intend on using race nutrition please keep hold of the empty wrappers untill you reach a suitable place to discard it. We would apprieciate if you could either wait until you reach designated water stations or alternately please drop them by race signage or a marshal point so they can be collected during the race clean up. 

Chip Timing

Chip Timing Solutions will provide computerised chip timing via an electronic chip system that you attach to your ankle. Please attach the chip to your LEFT ankle and make sure your run over the mats at the various timing points. Your finish time and splits will be available shortly after completing the event.

Live Results Live Results

Transition Rules

Security will always be present in the transition area. Only competitors wearing their I.D. will be allowed in or out of this area. Your race pack will include a race number and 2 smaller labels which are to be attached to your bike and helmet, this must be done prior to entering transition. You must rack your bike in the numbered position. No riding is allowed in the transition area. Your helmet must be fastened on your head at all times whilst you are on your bike or running with your bike through transition.

Race Start

Race start times will be at 8:00 am


Race start time will be announced nearer the time (see race brief). Race Briefing will take place at 07.45 am .


Prizes are both for men and women. One prize per competitor. A full breakdown of prizes and trophies will be given before the event in the race brief.


Camping is available within the grounds of grafham (Limited facilities) Toilets will be available on site from Saturday noon.

For more details, Email: [email protected] .

For local Hotels, B&B’s and Campsites, see www.st-neots.co.uk


grafman name

This Event is now fully booked (a Start list will be published soon)