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24/07/2016 - All Day
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Kimbolton Castle Childrens Pool Triathlon


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This fun and friendly event is suitable for all children aged between eight and sixteen,
It will see them complete a swim, bike and run with the grounds of Kimbolton Castle. The distances are suitable, safe and achievable for all taking part. The event is fully chip timed and all finishers will be presented with a well deserved medal as they cross the finish line


*Age as of 31st December 2016*

Age CategoryAges
Tristart 88 only
Tristar 19-10
Tristar 211-12
Tristar 313-14

Find us

Kimbolton School
PE28 0EA
Not sure where Kimbolton is? – check out Google maps


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To allow this event to run smoothly and safely, only officals and competitors will be allowed on the poolside. Competitors can be escorted to the changing facilities where they will be meet buy a member of our friendly events team who will guide them to their allocated start position. Every competitor will be given their chip before starting their race.

Format is a lane start with each competitor starting approximately 20-30 seconds apart. Once the competitors have completed the first two lengths in lane one they will move to the second lane and so forth through the lanes. There will be NO DIVING INTO THE POOL. Please do not change your start time. We will do our best to keep to your allocated start time, however, where other competitors have underestimated their swim times, this can cause delays. If you need to overtake another competitor during your swim, please follow the normal etiquette of tapping them gently on the foot, and overtaking at the next available end. If you are tapped on the foot by another competitor, please allow them to pass you when you reach the end of that length of the pool.

  • Tristart       50m swim (2 Lengths)
  • Tristar 1    100m swim (4 Lengths)
  • Tristar 2    150m swim (6 Lengths)
  • Tristar 3    200m swim (8 Lengths)
  • Youths       250m swim (10 Lengths)

Tumble turns are permitted – if you are not doing a tumble turn then just touch the wall at the end of the lane with your hand. Leave the pool with care, it may be slippery, via the emergency exit, into transition.


On completion of the swim they will run to  transition where they can get their bikes and head out onto the bike course. Helmets must be securely fastened before the competitor touches their bike. Competitors will be told when to mount their bikes. The bike loop is on Grass and can be easily seen and is well marked. Competitors are responsible for how many loops they are doing. The route will be clearly signed and well marshalled.

  •  Tristarts    (1 loop)
  •  Tristar 1    (2 loops)
  •  Tristar 2    (3 loops)
  •  Tristar 3    (4 loops)
  •  Youths       (5 loops)

On completion of the bike, competitors enter transition and rack their bike on their allocated racking. Once they have racked their bikes they can remove their helmet, put on their shoes with race number facing forward and exit transition for the run.


The run takes place on the field adjacent to the bike course.  The competitors are responsible for how many loops they are doing.

  •  Tristart       (1 loop)
  •  Tristar 1      (2 loops)
  •  Tristar 2     (3 loops)
  •  Tristar 3     (4 loops)
  •  Youths        (5 loops)

Once competitors have completed the correct amount of  loops they can run through the finish and collect their well deserved medals.

What Do I Need To Race?

To take part each child/competitor must have the following:

Equipment RequiredOptional Equipment Required
Swimming Trunks / Suit / TrisuitT-Shirt
Bike Race belt
Bike HelmetShorts
TowelSwim hat
Goggleslock laces

If you require any childrens equipment please click on the image below

Kids clothing


Parking will be at the venue, please follow all signage and marshals.  (200m from transition)

Arrival and Registration

You will collect your race pack at registration on the day of the event. Nothing will be posted prior to the event.

A full race brief / information will be sent out via email  once online entries close. (Normally Wednesday prior to the race, Please note we only send to the email address you registered with) The full race brief will be posted on the webpage by the Wednesday prior to the race as well.

Registration will be open from  06:00am – 12.30 am on race day. Please ensure you arrive early to avoid that last minute rush.

Minimum age of competitors

The minimum age to take part is 8 years old as of age on 31st December 2016                                                                      


You will be issued with a race number which must be clearly visible on your front or back at all times. You will also be number marked on your hand with a pen. Number belts are allowed, all we ask it that we can see your number at the timing points as a backup to the electronic system.


The childrens racking will be numbered and in age group order. No helpers or parents will be allowed in to transition, there will be plenty of transition marshals to help them if needed.

British Triathlon Federation Rules

BTF rules All competitors must comply with BTF rules (it is recommended that you read the BTF rules and regulations which will be applied to all races) All competitors must be licensed to race, those non BTF members will be required to pay a £3 levy for a day licence, this is payable on the day at registration. (This is not included in your entry fee) BTF members must produce their licence at registration or a £3 levy will be charged prior to racing.

2016 British Triathlon Rule Book 2016 British Triathlon Rule Book


If circumstances deem the course or travel conditions to be unsafe or it falls outside of the BTF guidelines, Nicetri have the right to change/move, or cancel the event at short notice.   

Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

Keep Racing Tidy

If you intend on using race nutrition please keep hold of the empty wrappers untill you reach a suitable place to discard it. We would apprieciate if you could either wait until you reach designated water stations or alternately please drop them by race signage or a marshal point so they can be collected during the race clean up. 

Chip Timing

Chip Timing Solutions will provide computerised chip timing via an electronic chip system that you attach to your ankle. Please attach the chip to your LEFT ankle and make sure your run over the mats at the various timing points. Your finish time and splits will be available live during the event and after at www.chiptimingsolutions.com

Transition Rules

Security will always be present in the transition area. Only competitors wearing their I.D. will be allowed in or out of this area. Your race pack will include a race number and 2 smaller labels which are to be attached to your bike and helmet, this must be done prior to entering transition. You must rack your bike in the numbered position. No riding is allowed in the transition area. Your helmet must be fastened on your head at all times whilst you are on your bike or running with your bike through transition.

Race start

Race start times will be from 13:00 pm (TBC in the pre race brief)


Race start times will be announced nearer the time (see race brief). Race Briefing will take place at 12:45pm for all.


Prizes are both for men and women. One prize per competitor. 

Prizes are for 1st-3rd place in each age category

  • 1st Male & Female
  • 2nd Male & Female
  • 3rd male & Female


For local Hotels, B&B’s and Camp sites, see www.st-neots.co.uk   

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